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6 July 2015
It`s Happening Here Promoting Science Communication at the University of Buea

Sama Awa-Mengi has immersed herself in Science Communication and Research Uptake since being nominated as a Research Uptake Communications Officer at the University of Buea. Through the RUC2014 and 2015 coaching programmes and her participation in the CREST Science Communication course in early 2015 she has learned both the good practices and the reality of communicating for uptake on behalf of the the University and its staff.

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RUM in Action DRUSSA Short Courses

The final DRUSSA short course was held in Stellenbosch in early June. Dr Sara Grobbelaar outlines the aim of the short course as well as the resources that were made available at the event.

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It`s Happening Here Experiences In Research Dissemination With Part-Time Undergraduate Interns In A Resource Challenged Setting

Sub-Saharan universities recognise the need to establish research management offices but many of these offices are challenged by a lack of resources. Professor Yogi Naik, head of the Research and Innovation Office (RIO) at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe discusses how RIO uses interns to achieve some of the objectives,  and outlines some of the remaining challenges for his office.

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RUM in Action RUC2015: Effective Research Communication

Ritah Namisango, Senior Public Relations Officer at Makerere University shares her experience at the RUC2015 Conference. Held in April 2015 in Rwanda the Conference focused on using institutional websites as a tool for Research Uptake, but also explored the importance of institutionalising Research Uptake in DRUSSA Universities.

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RUM in Action The path towards a Master’s of Philosophy in Science and Technology studies: A personal perspective

The University of Stellenbosch’s Centre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology offers an MPhil in Science and Technology Studies (Specialising in Research Uptake and Utilisation), with a rigorous application process including the submission of a proposal for a dissertation. Theogene Nyandwi, a DRUSSA bursary holder from the University of Rwanda, outlines his personal experience of participating in the course and how this has impacted on his work in Research Uptake activities at the University.

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